Aïshti beauty Salon offers various luxury services and treatments from the best retail beauty brands, boasting face and body treatments that include relaxing massages, detoxifying, slimming and lifting, facials and anti-aging treatments, practiced with the best skincare products. The Valmont treatment, exclusive to Aïshti Spa by the Sea, offers hydration, radiance, anti-wrinkle and energy rituals as well as eye treatments. Aïshti Spa also includes beauty therapy rooms, a MediSpa room equipped with state-of-the-art laser technology and a luxury hair salon. Services include hair cutting and styling, coloring, straightening and anti-frizz solutions. 

The makeup salon is designed to deliver a unique and personalized experience, inspired by the independent ethos of leading makeup artists. The facility includes special events makeup, consultation sessions and bridal makeup. The eye zone is dedicated to enhancing the face and eye area. An entire space is reserved for hand and feet services through a selection of custom manicures and pedicures. Offerings also include waxing and laser hair removal services, using the state-of-the-art, award-winning Soprano Ice machine. the salon is also specializes in men’s body care, including such services as grooming, shaving, haircuts and laser hair removal.

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Aïshti by the Sea, Level 4, Antelias, Lebanon T. + 961 4 725 786