Posted On April 1, 2012

Time is Now

Time is Now 

Art has always played a pivotal role in the Aïshti lifestyle, but it wasn’t until recently that plans for a special project for contemporary art were announced to further integrate it into the Aïshti world. 

The luxury retail group’s latest venture, the Aïshti Foundation, set to be completed in 2014, comes as a natural progression for the multi-faceted brand. The plans for the project were officially announced last February at an exhibition entitled “Time is Now,” hosted by the Centre Sportif Culturel et Social of Jamhour and curated by Jérôme Sans.

Aïshti’s owner and CEO Tony Salamé took to the stage to discuss plans for the forthcoming project, which will play an integral role in promoting contemporary art in the Middle East region and provide a platform for dialogue between Eastern and Western cultures. Sans spoke about his excitement for the project. The goal of the event was both to promote the art pieces that will be part of the foundation, some of which are on loan at the world’s top galleries like the MOCA and Guggenheim, and to announce the project to the public. Works by renowned artists like Doug Aitken, Nate Lowman, Dan Colen and Glenn Ligon were on display during the two-day exhibition. The press conference was followed by a fundraising dinner aimed at helping underprivileged children.

Development of the foundation building, which will be located on the seaside road in Jal el Dib, is already underway. The pioneering project, with its hundreds of contemporary art pieces, will be the first of its kind in Lebanon and an important milestone for the future of contemporary art in the region.